Monday, May 20, 2019

Week 17 Last Post

Hmm, how has my use of social media changed? Well I guess you could say I have a better understanding of the SM platforms that our available to me as a business owner. As I have stated previously Facebook is still the number one platform for my business, however I am going to push ads heavy on Instagram in the coming months. Growing my followers list on Instagram is only going to translate into more customers on Facebook or whatever platform I'm using in the future.

Our business is thriving and has been for sometime even before this course, but I have to say using the information I have learned is helping me do more to grow our engagement on SM platforms. The lectures helped me understand why it is important to be consistent with your SM posts and how that in an of itself can grow your customer engagement. Not just "likes" but real content even non-selling engagement is getting more people to my business page.

My view point on SM has not changed, it has expanded but not changed, SM is here and its here to stay so you better get on or be left behind like Sears and Toys R Us. I'm not saying you can't be successful with out SM, but you can be a whole lot more successful with it. One thing is now I'm struggling to choose my platforms, Facebook is where I'm comfortable and for now that is where the customers are, but there are so many more choice. Look at what we are all doing right now "Blogging", its fun and easy and if you do it right the reach is endless.

If I was starting a new business today I would have a good grasp on what I need to do to be successful on SM. I just may start a new company just because of all the things I have learned this semester, not just from this class but from all my Marketing classes and Management classes. No matter what the take aways from this class lead me in the right direction, so thank you for that.

I don't know if I found anything new that I would use for myself, there are tools that I now know about but they have always been there I just didn't pay them any mind. The other students have some great businesses and I will continue to follow them on SM, but will I use their services or products I don't know. In general I don't really focus on anything more then my family and business, but as I have said the future is SM and with this exposure to it maybe I will find something I have been looking for.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

week 16 post 2

I commented on the only 2 Bloggs within my group: Matthew Dangyou and Adriana Macias.

Week 16 post 1

What a wild and crazy semester this has been, full of ups and downs, good days and bad. One thing that has been consistent is this rad class, having learned so much about all the different social media platforms and how they can benefit my brand. Out of all the platforms the two that work best for me are still Facebook and Instagram at the present time. As for the platform that is the least desirable for my business Twitter, its not a bad platform, just not right for me.

When you get down to what matters from each platforms available tools, Facebook Insight is by far the number one tool for my business needs. Utilizing FB insight I can track the information I need to make informative business decisions like, is the ROAS or CPC worth what I am spending on the advertising I'm running.

For me Social Media is my number one market place, so I spend 98.9% of my time advertising on SM platforms such as FB and ISG.

Here is a look into how my work week looks on Social Media:

Mon - Fri
8am - Instagram post "Morning Coffee" with a picture of what my morning is looking like
830am - Facebook live "Morning Coffee with Jay" this is a non-sales live, just talking and engaging with my consumers "VIP's"
12pm - Engagement post, this is to drive the FB algorithms so my content is shared in more places
230pm - Text alert sent to all those VIP's that have "Opt'd In"
3pm - FB live sale
9pm - Late night FB Live sale

Engagement post, this is our day off so we keep it light and fun.

9am - Morning post with information about the 11am FB live sale

Monday, May 13, 2019

Week 15 post 2

Here is the last 7 days, we have been taking care of a lot of other business this week and haven't been super present on this page. Tomorrow is a new day and we will start to hit running again.

Week 15 post 1

Since most of our business comes from Facebook, it only makes sense for me to use Facebook Insights (Analytics). This tool gives me the information that I need to ensure the ads Im running are working. Since Facebook is big on engagement, this tool lets me see if I need to up the engagement so my post are seen.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Week 14 post

These are our currently running ads. We will be updating these pictures soon, we are doing a big photo shoot soon.

Week 13 post 1

I find this Blog to be a bit hard for me, trying to find 5 businesses similar to mine should be easy. On the contrary it isn't that easy, I mean sure its women clothing and there are a million companies, but I don't find them to be like ours. I will the basses of MLM's in general and find companies that sell products as close to ours as I can or that use a similar model for selling online.

1. Looking within my own company LuLaRoe (LLR) there are some very big sellers $100K a month, their advertising is awesome utilizing Facebook and Instagram as the primary. That being said I know the amount they are paying for their ads and I would say that its not worth it in the end. Over $20-$30K a month is crazy.

2. Dot Dot Smile, another MLM business that is doing well, however most of the retailers were previously LLR retailers and the ads are very much the same with just a name change.

3. Decided to throw Gucci in the mix, I mean do they really even need to advertise to us commoners. LOL. Anyways they have an enormous advertising budget and with 18 million likes on Facebook I would say we are not in the same, well anything. However I do like the artistry of their photography and the almost total disregard for public acceptance in that aspect. I also find some of what they do completely off the charts annoying, lets face it half of styles they show look like it belongs in a circus act.

4. Wild at Heart Boutique, this is a similar concept to LLR and is advertised quite a bit on Facebook and Instagram. The ads are decently made and target the same demographic that I do with my own ads. I did find the that the diversity in sizes was not captured well in the advertising which I understand, but I don't agree with it. So for that reason it is kind of hitting me the wrong way and as a consumer I can only imagine plus size ladies my be uncomfortable asking questions.

5. Ok just found this company by searching "Companies like LLR" Buskins leggings, they do advertise on SM and offer free shipping. The biggest draw back in my eyes is they don't offer very good customer service, I tried to ask a question and didn't get a reply as of yet. Also the quality of their ads isn't that great, kind of sloppy.

Ok so to compare the different types of advertising you have to look at what the product line is, some products really don't make sense to advertise in a traditional manner. That being said I find SM advertising more engaging for me, I think that print media is dying and even magazines are utilizing digital and SM more and more. For small business its not even worth trying print media as it is expensive and your content must be made available so far in advance that major changes in your business may take place before your ad ever runs. Traditional advertising is for big budget companies in my opinion, now I wish I was at a point where I could say man I need to run more ads on TV or Radio and maybe one day I will.

Week 17 Last Post

Hmm, how has my use of social media changed? Well I guess you could say I have a better understanding of the SM platforms that our available...