Friday, February 15, 2019

Week 4 part 1

Websites that could use some modification to make them more user friendly: This website comes up as possible spam this will turn off a good number of customers with the thought of identity theft. I'm sure its not that hard to change something within its identity to rectify this issue, this in turn would allow more access. One can only imagine if it was as easy as say Apple's website they would have increased customer looks and interaction again creating more business. This site is way to busy, its confusing with the amount of content at one time. To many redirects with hyper text every other word, because of all the content it took me a minute to figure out what the product was. As a consumer I want my shopping experience to be pleasant and really want to know what it is I am buying, I feel that this site is losing customers with the aesthetics of the site. They could maybe categorize the hyper text, clean up all the different boxes and make an eye catching home page.

Websites that are doing thing right: Ok Toyota has a great page layout and they play into whats trending and know the target market right off the bat, music, extreme sports and off road. Their site is easy to navigate and I found myself building a Toyota 4Runner while doing this assignment, it took me a second to remember I went to the site for school. they collect data in the form of zip codes and the type off vehicle you are searching, I fully expect to have Toyota ads popping up for the next few days on any social media I use. With a $1 Billion marketing and advertising budget and you sell tech products your website better be on point! Apple has an aesthetically pleasing site, they also have all their product lines separated so you can shop according to what it is your looking for without going through a ton of products your don't need or want. Again I find myself scrolling though and looking at things as I try to complete this assignment and I don't need anything at the present time. All in all you can tell who has a solid marketing team and the difference it plays in your website and business overall.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Week 3 part 2

1.  Dukes in La Jolla
2.  URL:
3.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
4.  They use their links equal it looks like
5.  Facebook: Feb 6th, Twitter: Feb 6th, Instagram: Feb 6th
6.  I would say 5 days since the last post isn't bad, but its not good either considering we are three days from Valentines and there isn't anything posted about that days menu or anything.

1.  T-Mobile
2.  URL:
3.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
4.  Their social media use is excellent, however they seem to favor Instagram.
5.   Facebook: Feb 10th, Twitter: Feb 10th, Instagram: 1 hour ago, Youtube: 1 week ago
6.  Their content is good and keeping up with current trends. The way they use their target market is putting them ahead of the competition in this space.

1.  Vistaprint 
2.  URL:
3.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
4.  I was pretty surprised that they use their social media as much as they do.
5.  Facebook: 20 hours ago, Twitter: Feb 7th, Instagram: 20 hours ago, Pinterest: 2 weeks ago
6.  I use this company for all my business cards and advertising for my own business and the reason is because we saw their ads online. They do prefer Facebook and Instagram over the other two platforms, makes sense with the ad space in both.

1.  Fedex
2.  URL:
3.  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube
4.  with the look of their social media use I would say they more of a traditional TV commercial ad type of company, although they do use Twitter as the main social media vehicle.
5.  Facebook: Feb 9th, Twitter: 12 hours ago, Linkedin: unknown, Youtube: 1 week ago
6.  I do believe getting into the Facebook space more regularly could benefit them, the amount of online shopping that takes place their means there are a lot of packages needing to be shipped.

1.  Redbox
2.  URL:
3.  Facebook, Twitter, instagram, pinterest, Snapchat
4.  Twitter is the preferred social media with Facebook a close second, the content is more generic and not really much of what I would say catches my eye.
5.  Facebook: 10 hours ago, Twitter: 5 hours ago, Instagram: 4 days ago, Pinterest: 2 years ago, Snapchat: Unknown
6.  Do I care that yesterday was Jennifer Aniston's birthday not really, but maybe that will get consumers think about the movies she is in and they will go rent one. To me its not the best use of your marketing dollars but who knows.

Blogs I commented on Week 3

This week I commented on:
Lisa Haas
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Blog Post Week 3 Part 1

1. Yes I have had some nightmarish experience with one business in particular, AT&T is by far the worst company to communicate with. It got to the point that I logged my call times and every name of every person I spoke to, but in the end none of that mattered. forty six and half hours of my life I will never get back, but if you look at like basically two days to determine that I never want to do business with them again is better than years of bad service, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

2. Social media definitely makes it easier, just this week I used "chat" to talk to the customer service folks at T-Mobile. Fast and easy and the ability to screen shot my conversation in the event I have to refer back to it.

3. Referring to the above mentioned T-Mobile experience, they have their stuff together. Friendly, fast, and to the point is exactly what I look for in customer service. Time is valuable and the fact that T-Mobile takes that into consideration during customer interactions is why I choose to use there services.

4. You have to take the good with the bad, not everyone is going to have the experience that they might have wanted. Its unrealistic to think you can make everyone happy or cater to all their needs, however being polite and addressing the specifics regardless of the nature of the comment will go a long way. Try to find a solution to change the customers mind if they had a negative experience, leaving the customer with a positive interaction may bring them back or at the very least show that you truly care about their concern. This can also change the mind of a potential customer that is reading reviews, the response to a negative comment could mean the difference in them staying or leaving.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Week two part 2

I also commented on the following Blogs

- Tracey
- Lynne
- Bassel

Check their blogs out, Lynne has quit the list of social media site! Never knew about half of them...

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Week two part 1:

1. In my opinion Instagram and Twitter make for the best personal use social media platforms, although I don't have any experience with other social media sites. Personally I use Instagram for advertising my business as do a lot of my fellow entrepreneurs, but many of my family and friends use it to post random pictures and things like that. As for Twitter again I don't have Twitter, nor do I know much about it, but what I do know is maybe not everyone should have an account! It seems to be a place to run your mouth about things you would never say in person.

2. For business I would go with Facebook and Instagram, having the ability to run banner ads on Facebook has increased my sales greatly. Like I said before, I use Instagram for my business as well, but mainly as a way to advertise my products through personal pictures of me and my family wearing our inventory. Being able to have business pages and Facebook live events offers a reach that you can't duplicate anywhere else. With a click of a button you can use a URL that links you to all our social media and our Facebook VIP business page How amazing is that?

3. As I explained above, Facebook is great for my business, but it is equally great for personal use, in my opinion. I have family all over this country and across the pond in England and Ireland. Facebook has been our main way of keeping in contact with one another for years. Group pages make it very convenient for all of us to stay in the know as a family and again giving us the ability to go live and interact is priceless when you are separated by such great distances.   

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Blogs I commented on:

- Matthew
- Cristina
- Austin

Their blogs have good content and give you a glimps into their lives, really enjoyed reading the blogs.

Week 4 part 1

Websites that could use some modification to make them more user friendly: - This website comes up as possible spam this w...